Thursday, May 15, 2008

My first full week in Sioux City! April 21, 2008

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
Welcome to my 2nd email of my adventure here in Sioux City Iowa! So I just found out that while Elder Dallin H. Oaks is coming for my Stake Conference he will also be meeting with JUST MY ZONE for 1-2 hours on this sunday after the general session!!!There are only about 20 missionaries in our zone so its gonna be up close and personal! I am so excited for this once in a lifetime chance! O ya and the choir I'm singing in for Elder Oaks during the general session has only 6 guys and its goin to suck haha. I don't want to sound bad in front of an Apostle of the Lord! but its worth it cuz I'm sitting like exactly behind haha. He will be at our Priesthood leadership meeting and Adult session this saturday too so I'll get to hear alot from him. I'll email you next monday all about it! Oh and after I'm done sending this email I'm going over to the other library to send some pics to you guys so email me back so I can read whats been goin down. I heard the Warriors barely missed the cut off for the playoffs and I'm way bummed out about that. A member told me the office is back on the air and has had 2 episodes, but other than that, thats all I have heard about the outside world haha, so keep me updated! This past week has been amazing! On thursday we had a great district meeting, My district is awesome so it was really inspiring. Then we went to Red Robin for lunch and it was a good time. Thursdays are one of my favorite days so far. Saturday I got to play some church ball on our brand new waxed and painted gym floor. Then I helped clean our building(which is the stake center) for when Elder Oaks comes! Yesterday was way good! I love my ward already, the members here are so committed and nice to us. We had a great dinner apointment at the Bishops house last night. We got the car on thursday so since I'm the designated driver I've been cruising in a Chevy Malibu, its so nice to have a car cuz we can get so much more done. O ya and this week I went to South Dakota and Nebraska! I've been in Utah, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota in the past 11 days!
O ya! So i taught my first real lesson to an investigator!
On wednesday we went to Carol's house,(We found her tracting the day before) and we were planning on just dropping of the BOM. Then she invited us in and so We taught her the first lesson! I felt the spirit teach through me as I taught the Restoration, she was crying and it was really emotional. It was the best feeling as I taught her what I knew to be true, it was such a great experience.
Oh ya so Saturday was my 1st Click day!(every month a missionary has been on his mission we celebrate) It has gone so fast! I feel like this is the most important thing I could be doing in my life right now, I feel the spirit more than I ever have. I love being a missionary!
VE Elder Morain

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