Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Cinco de mayo!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! I'm sorry I about last weeks email because I tried to send pics but it didn't work. So hopefully I'll get a chance to send some more later. Anyways, How is everyone doing? Thank you Jacob Haws for emailing me last wednesday. I'd love to hear from all of you so feel free to email me or send me a letter.

This last week has been awesome! So after I emailed you last P day the guys in my district and I went to the mall and it was fun haha. I bought a hallmark card that has the "we are the Champions" song by Queen and I'm going to put the speakers in my planner so every time I open the front page it plays the chorus of that song haha. My district leader showed me how to do it. Oh! so saturday we celebrated Cinco de mayo(because it couldn't be done today cuz people work ya know) My district and I got to go to the Tyson Event Center where they had this huge Cinco de Mayo event. I helped work at the information booth and guess what! CBS (local) was there and filmed my comp and I workin at the booth! I asked the reporter and he said I would be on the 6 o clock news on cbs! I thought that was pretty cool haha. A member in my ward was a leader singer for this spanish band and we got to watch that and eat all this spanish food, I felt like I was on a foreign mission! Well, yesterday was really good. It was fast and testimony meeting and I just love to hear the members testimonies. We got to watch Legacy the movie in priesthood cuz our elders quorumn president forgot it was his day to teach. After church we went to a members home for dinner and it was so good. Then we went to a Less active family, who on saturday the mom's brother died at like age 35. So we gave them a blessing and it was a really spiritual experience.
On friday we taught Carol the 2nd lesson(The plan of salvation) It went really well, it lasted for like 2 hours though and got deeper than we wanted cuz the member we took with us made it more complicated haha. But later that night we taught Maritsa and showed her the Restoration Movie. Both of them are reading and praying and I'm so glad they are progressing.
On thursday we decided to visited a less active member who plays for the Sioux City Bandits(an arena football team ) His wife who's not a member answered the door and we talked to her for a bit. She eventually offered us free tickets to go with her to the Sious City Bandits Vs. Omaha this saturday night at the tyson event center! We already asked President Talbot and he approved so hopefully we get to go haha. Mom and Dad I'll have to call you after the game to let you know about when I can call on Mothers Day.
Well it may seem like all i do is play, but really I'm working hard and I'm lovin it! I'll try and send some pics now, I'll be calling you Mothers day so who knows how long my email will be next Monday but we will see. Until then, keep it real
VE Elder Morain

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