Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am in Sioux City Iowa!!!!! April 14, 2008

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
I have been called to labor in the Sioux City 2nd Ward in Iowa!!!! I absolutley love it here in sioux city! Here is my apartment address, so if you use this address I can get my mail a day or 2 earlier than using the mission office. Transfers are in 6 weeks so just make sure you send it before then its :
Elder Jeffrey Olen Morain
4421 Lincoln Way apt. B
Sioux City, IA 51106
I dont know the best way to write apartment # but I live in B haha. So I hope you all can write me a letter or send me an email, my email is ****.****** I'm allowed to read your emails! So I'm sorry I haven't been able to email since my last pday in the mtc but now my Pdays are on Mondays and I get to email sometime from 10am-6pm (central time) I can't use my usb to send pics on this computer but hopefully later today I can send some pics when I find another computer. Well my last week and half at the MTC was amazing! I loved my district, my zone and the whole mtc experience. On wednesday april 9th I flew from slc to atlanta georgia to des moines iowa airport! My mission president, his wife and the 3 APs picked me up and took us to the mission home. I got a picture with the mission president his wife and the 8 of us who flew out together(president said he sent it to my family, did you get it?). I loved the mission home, we had some training that night and bore our testimonies and it was a very sprirtual experience. The next day we opened our letters to find out are area and who are leaders are. My Zone leaders are Elder Jacobs and Elder Fager, they are way cool and fun to be with. My district lerader is elder wagner and hes a way funny guy and awesome. My Trainer/companion is Elder Folkman and I love him already! He is a really happy guy and is excited for the work! We are already best friends. Well on thursday after I met my trainer I ran a bunch of errands and then I got to drive the truck to Sioux City(I'm the designated driver because my comp has to many parking tickets from before the mish haha) So we are on a car share with the District leader and we have to wait till thursday to get the malibu chevy which we get for 2 weeks and the DL gets it 1 week. So I drove for 3 hours from des moines to sioux city. We ran out of gas completely and had to push the truck into a staples parking lot and then walk over to the gas station across the street and get a tank of gas to pour in our truck, it was so funny haha! That night I got to meet my DL and ZL's it was so fun! Friday was my first real day in the field and we spent most of it for our weekly planning session. We got to go tracting for my first time and it was the best feeling I have ever had as I tracted, I loved it! Saturday we got to go grocery shopping and Sister Brown from the ward bought us all our groceries($112) because shes always bought the elders groceries here, she is the nicest lady in the world! Then we got to go tracting and we got 4 return appointments and 3 new investigators! It felt so good to have success! Then we went to a baptism that my ZL was baptizing a lady in the 1st ward, it was really inspiring! I had my first dinner appointment at the Kleves that night and it went really good. Yesterday(sunday) was awesome! We went to PEC and I gave the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting. I love my ward so much! The people here have such strong testimonies(it was fast and testimony meeting) Elder Dallin H Oaks is coming to our Stake Conference on april 26th and 27th!!!! I am so excited for it cuz Im singing in the choir for it so I might get a chance to shake his hand and meet him! I loved General Conference last weekend by the way! It was such an amazing experience watching it at the MTC! After church we went to a dinner appointment with the spanish elders in my ward. We went to sister Flores house and she only speaks spanish so the whole dinner was in spanish I could only understand a couple words and phrases haha. It felt like i was serving a forgeign mission haha, there are so many spanish people here! Well the rest of the night we went tracting, I love tracting, it feels so good to bear my testimony to everyone I see and share what I hold most dear to these people. I feel a connection with these people, I really care about them. Well I love being in the field and I'm loving Sioux City,I already and I feel like this is where I belong.
VE Elder Morain