Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farewell Iowa

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

As I try to express the feelings I am going through to address you one last time as a full time missionary I am filled with emotion. I want to thank all of you so much for everything you have done for me these past 2 years of my mission. As I have received letters of encouragement from you I have been deeply touched. I am excited to see you once again and catch up on all that has happened in your journey through life.
I had one of the best days of my mission on Sunday. It was my last sunday on the mission and church was very special. Some of the members I have grown close to threw me a little party in celebration of my returning home. It has been a honor to get to know the amazing members here. Their example and friendship I have mentioned many times throughout my mission. They have been there for me when I needed them most and I will be forever grateful for them.
That night I had the sacred privilege of performing the saving ordinance of Baptism for my investigator Morgan Maher. The spirit was so strong at that Baptism. It truly was the crowning jewel of my mission experience. I cannot think of a more fitting event at the end of my service here in Iowa.
I want to end my last email with the testimony I have gained on my mission. I know without a doubt that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and that our Savior is at the head leading our Beloved Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. As I have studied the words of President Monson I have received inspiration for what I need to do in my life. I know that he is a true prophet of God. I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith did see our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ in that grove which we now call Sacred. I have been to Nauvoo, the City of Joseph, on my mission 3 times, and have walked where he walked and have felt the spirit witness to me that he is the Prophet of the Restoration. I know that The Book of Mormon is true and can provide comfort to the soul when it is read and prayed about. I have come to know my Heavenly Father and my Savior personally as I have served them these past 2 years. I could not have done what I have done without them. The Sacrifice I paid on my mission is the price I have paid to know God.
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Best 2 years of my life

Dear Elder Morain Fan club,

Hello to all, I have had quite the last week! In my last email, I
mentioned The Plan of Salvation. But little did I know how I would
appreciate The Plan of Salvation this week. On Wednesday, I got a
phone call from a recent convert in my ward whos Grandmother passed
away and so we met with her and tried our best to comfor her. On
friday we attended her grandmothers viewing and it was quite the
experience. If that was not enough, on Thursday another death came
into the play. My companion Elder Bringham and I were at a dinner
appointment and we were talking with the member and she showed us an
article about the missionaries in Chile. In that article, it mentioned
the friend of my companion, who was killed in a carbon monoxide leak
in his apartment in Romania while he was serving his mission. Some of
you may have heard of this incident, since it made church news. But my
companion, being on a mission had been isolated from the news and had
no idea his friend had died. He was good friends with him while he was
at BYU Provo. It hit him really hard. At this time, I thought about
the Atonement and the Ressurection. I came to appreciate them more,
since these deaths were affecting people I love. it isn't just
something I teach about to my investigators, but something I needed to
apply to my life right then.
My investigator Morgan Maher is being baptized this Saturday! She has
asked me to baptize her. I can't think of a better way of finishing
out my mission than this. Please pray for Morgan that she will be able
to go through with the Baptism and will be able to face all the trials
the adversary will throw out at her.
I will email all of you for the last time on my mission, next
Wednesday March 24th. I will fly home to San Jose California on Friday
March 26th. For those of you in the San Jose area, I would love to see
you at my homecoming talk, which will be on Sunday March 28th, at 10
am at the Bernal Building. I want to thank all of you for the support
you have given me. Especially for the prayers, for I have truly seen
miracles in my life these past 2 years because of the prayers you
offered in my behalf.
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain

Monday, March 8, 2010

When All is Said and Done

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

Hey everyone hope all is well with ya. I am livin up my last 2 and a
half weeks of my mission here in Iowa! We had an amazing Fast and
Testimony Meeting yesterday. Since it was my last fast sunday on my
mission I got up and bore my testimony to the members I have grown to
love so much. I bore testimony of the power of prayer. As I have
struggled through trials on my mission, I have really needed the help
of my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. As I have knelt on
my knees in prayer, I have communicated with my father in heaven and
have literally received answers from Him.

We taught our investigators, Morgan and Paul a lot this week. We set a
baptismal date with both of them again now that they are progressing
faster than ever. Then a trial from the adversary came into play.
Paul's Grandfather passed away on Thursday. Due to heart failure he
was on life support and couldn't do anything for him so they pulled
the plug. His Grandfather lives in Colorado, where Paul is from, and
Paul is probably going back to Colorado for the funeral. Morgan told
us if he goes back to Colorado, he most likely will not come back to
Iowa. So, we'll see what happens. Morgan told us she still wants to be
baptized even if Paul won't be at the same time as her. So please pray
for them that they can be comforted at this time. The Plan of
Salvation, which I have been able to teach many people on my mission,
is comforting to me at times like these.
I know this Church is true with all my heart.
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Greatest Walk on Earth

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, welcome to the month of March
2010! Wow, I can't believe it has come so fast. Good thing I have till
March 26th to live it up here in Iowa! I had an absolutley spectucular
week. I had my last Zone Conference on my mission. We have a tradition
that your last zone conference you get up and bear your "going home
testimony". I have seen many of my best friends on the mission go up
there give theres and it was time I go up. I tried hard not to get
emotional but I couldn't help it. It was an experience I will never
We had interviews with our Mission President, I still get to have one
more right before I go home where he gets to give me his parting
advice haha. On Thursday I went on exchanges with my Zone Leader Elder
Wray in his area, Cedar Rapids 2nd ward(I'm in Cedar Rapids 1st ward
by the way)On friday we helped out at that hospital and it was a good
time as always.
Saturday was a special day. We helped volunteer at an event called,
"The Greatest Walk on Earth" it was a walk for curing Diabetes. They
had over 3,000 people there! They had a player from the University of
Iowa's football team there and I got his autograph haha. It's kind of
big deal since the University of Iowa won the Orange Bowl as you all
Last night I got to attend our Stake Priesthood Meeting. Waterloo,
where I served for 4 and a half months, is in our stake, so I got to
see a bunch of friends from Waterloo area! I just love the people here
so much. As you serve shoulder to shoulder with these amazing members
you develop a friendship like no other.
Here in Cedar Rapids we are working on Paul and Morgan still. We
talked with them about getting married, and offering the option of
living the law of chastity. Either path they choose, Morgan can be
baptized. Hopefully when Paul starts the Stop Smoking Workshop he as
well can be baptized. I really am going to miss being a part of
helping my investigators prepare for Baptism. It is the greatest work
I have ever been involved in, and probably the greatest work I will
ever be involved in my life.
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain