Thursday, May 22, 2008


Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

I have good news and bad news. I typed out the longest best email I have ever written and when i sent it the email didnt go through and i lost it all! Sorry if this one isn't as good.
The good news is my mission President called me last night and told me I'[m staying in Sioux City 2nd ward! I will at least be here for 6 more weeks but most likely 3 months(2 more transfers) So feel free to send letters directly to my apartment because its faster than the mission office. Oh and I'm still with my trainer elder folkman, he just got called as a district leader here! This means my current district leader Elder Wagner is being transferred to Des Moines. Elder Dunn the spanish elder in my ward is being transferred to Marshall Town. Elder Fager my zone leader is going home tomorrow too. I'm going to miss these guys so much, they have been my best friends for the last 6 weeks and I won't be able to see them for a really long time. But with my new Eternal perspective that I've gained on my mission its helped me in saying goodbye.
Oh my dad made a blogspot for me the link is . It will have everything I will send to the people on the list like my emails and pictures and a little bit of extra! So feel free to check that out and tell anyone else who is interested about it.
Oh and my parents said that my friends can come over to my house and record a message for me on a tape recorder, I would really enjoy that haha.
Well this has been a great week and a half! Last thursday we had an awesome district meeting and got to play jeopardy. Friday I had to mow and weed wack 2 members huge lawns! It was really hard and for those of you who know how much I dont like mowing lawns know how I was feeling haha. Last saturday I got to go to a baptism for an investigator my district leader was teaching. Church on sunday was amazing. My friend jacob malloy gave his farewell talk, he reports to the mtc june 11th(same day as Steve Jensen!)Oh by the way I'm speaking this sunday in sacrament meeting! All 4 elders in my ward are speaking and we might even do sing a musical #, it would be a missionary program like no other haha. I'm speaking on Preach My Gospel Chapter 1 "your Purpose" I'm really excited cuz its my favorite chapter and I want to get the members excited about missionary work!
After church we went to the bishops house for dinner. The family has spaggetti ever sunday and its delicious! On monday was my 2 month click day!(2 months since I went into the MTC) Not that I'm counting or anything haha. I got to teach Carol that day and it went really well! We watched finding faith in christ with her, which is a golden movie btw!

Yesterday I got to go to the YMCA to work out in the morning. We get a free membership there because we do service and its way sweet. I've got to go 3 times so far. Last night I got to dinner at Grahams with Spetler Tonga(linebacker for the Sioux City Bandits arena football team) It was so much fun! He's a way cool guy and I hope he starts coming back to church.
Today I went out to lunch at chili's with my district for the last time. It was a blast, I'm really gonna miss the 3 elders who are being transferred. But I am so grateful I get to stay here In Sioux City because I absolutley love it here! I love the people here.
Well I am going to end this email and try to send some pics. I'll email you guys next monday!
Peace, Love, and Temple Marriage
VE Elder Morain

The first picture is my district at our last district meeting of the transfer.

The second pic is us eating lunch after the baptism.

The 3rd pic is my district in front of chili's for our last lunch together

The 4th is a pic with my district leader elder wagner, hes a funny guy haha.

The other pics are with wagner and dunn and fager before they leave. Well I hope you enjoy these and I hope to hear from you guys soon!

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