Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
I really enjoyed talking to my family and some of you yesterday on the phone! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your Mother's Day to talk to me. I'm sorry Kris McConkie and Jacob Haws for calling you guys later in the night, I left a voice mail on your cell phones but I'm sorry we didn't get to talk. I also want to apologize for how "wordly" I was yesterday talking to you guys on the phone. I had a crazy weekend going to the Arena Football game the night before and I was just excited to talk to people from home.
Speaking of that Arena Football game, it was a blast! A less active member in my ward plays linebacker for the Sioux City Bandits so he got my companion and I free tickets to last Saturday's game! Someone told us that we were being filmed on the Big screen, I thought that was pretty tight! I got a free t-shirt too! At the end of the game I got to go down on the field and get pics with Spetler Tonga, the linebacker(he's like the star of the team btw!) It was so much fun to go to an Arena Football game.
Oh and last tuesday we didn't have the car so we had to walk all day, we walked pretty far and a huge thunderstorm came! I swear I saw one of the clouds twisting and it almost looked like a tornado! We were on tornado warning and it was crazy! On wednesday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Rice so I got to be in downtown Sioux City that day and it was way fun. Maritsa our investigator came to church yesterday and tonight were teaching her the plan of salvation. Were going to commit her to baptism tonight so I really hope it goes well.
For those I talked on the phone to yesterday may have noticed I was talking "worldly", I want to let you know that being on a mission has changed my perspective on life completely. I have more of an Eternal perspective than before. Life is all about keeping the commandments so we can be worthy to enter the celestial kingdom. I want to help people realize the plan of salvation because God loves all his children. You see everyone differently here on a mission, and I've really grown to love the people. Well, I'm going to try and send some pics in another email. Sorry, this email is shorter than usual, but I just talked to some of you yesterday so next monday I'll have more to say. Until then, Keep it real
VE Elder Morain

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