Monday, July 28, 2008

Carol's Baptism

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
I've had the BEST weekend I have had so far on my mission! On Saturday July 26th I had the opportunity to baptize my investigator Carol. Words can't describe fully how I feel about being able to baptize her. It was a very spiritual experience. The baptism started off with her daughter Sherry giving a talk on the Holy Ghost(and she was only baptized like a month ago) After her talk I got to baptize her. After the baptism our ward was having a Pioneer Day celebration so we got to be there for that and it was a fun time! Carol is already becoming great friends with our ward and the party was perfect timing for grafting her into the ward.
Yesterday we got to participate in Carol's confirmation and that was amazing. My companion confirmed her and it went really well. After church I was asked to give a blessing of comfort and counsel to a little boy in our ward. I had never actually gave the blessing part, only the annointing, in my life! But I said a prayer before I gave the blessing that I would be prompted by the Holy Ghost on what to say. As I layed my hands on his head, I opened my mouth and the words started to just come out. It was a miracle for me, I've never experienced anything like that before. That experience strengthened my testimony so much that the Holy Ghost can prompt me on what God would have me say to this child of God.
The rest of the week doesn't compare to what I experienced in the last 2 days so thats all I have to say about last week. I hope I can hear from all of you soon! My next P-day is monday august 4th so I'll email ya then and hopefully send some pictures soon. Until then, Keep it real!
VE -Elder Morain

Monday, July 21, 2008

what up!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
I'm Alive! Last night there was a huge wind storm in sioux city. Tons of trees fell over and hit all these houses and stuff. But my apartment's ok so I'm grateful. Well, I've had an amazing week! After I emailed you last monday, I had a pretty fun Pday. That night I got to go to Red Lobster with Spetlar Tonga, who plays for the Sioux City Bandits arena football team. He was selected to play in the United Indoor Football All Star Game which was on Saturday. He hooked my companion and I up with some tickets to go! So we got to go and it was a blast! We sat 3 rows up from the field and we got on the Big screen haha. Spetlar played for the eastern conference but the West conference killed the east conference. It was still fun and I got to go down onto the field after the game and get some pics. I'll try to send you pics soon, but I can't now cuz the computer I'm at doesnt have a usb hook up. That Saturday was my 4 month mark and I can't believe how fast my mission is going!

Well, on Tuesday morning I got to teach Carol. At the end of the lesson we talked about her baptism which is this saturday by the way! Carol asked me if I would baptize her and I was shocked. I said I would love to and I am grateful I have the opportunity to perform this saving ordinance for her. My mission president wants to have her baptismal interview with her tonight. He is coming up to Sioux City tonight anyways to have interviews with me and all the missionaries in our zone. Tomorrow is our Zone Conference and I'm very excited haha. O ya on thursday we got to go to our ward's softball game! There is a church league here where all the churches play each other. So we were invited to help our wards team out in the play offs haha. It was a fun time. On wednesday I got to go on exchanges with my District Leader Elder Gilispie and it was a good time.
Well, I am loving my mission! Thank you to all who sent me letters last week, please keep me updated I would love to hear from you guys!
AIght I'm outty and off to Pday it up!
VE Elder Morain

Monday, July 14, 2008

Best week of my mission!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
This week has probably been the best week of my entire mission so far. On wednesday morning, we went to my investigator Carol's house to teach her a lesson. I asked her if she would set a baptismal date at the end of the lesson. Carol then told me that she would set a date for her baptism! She set it for saturday July 26th!!!!!! I am so happy that she has made this step in her life towards baptism. I remember one of the very first days I had in the mission field was when I met Carol. I've been teaching Carol since april and she has finally committed herself to baptism. I feel that all the sacrifices I have made throughtout my whole life even to get me to where I am on a mission, are now worth it because Carol has decided to be baptized and open the doors to the celestial kingdom.
On saturday, I got the opportunity to go to the winter quarters temple! My mission president approved the trip because I was going with my investigator Merlin and a member. So saturday morning they picked us up and we drove to omaha nebraska! I got to do an Endowment Session at 10. I never thought I would get the opportunity to even go to the temple at all on my mission so I was so happy to be able to go. I felt the spirit so strong in the house of the Lord. After the session, my companion and I took some pictures outside the temple. I hope I get to send you some pictures soon cuz I got some good ones haha. Then we took my investigator to the Mormon Trail Center right by the temple. We got to take a tour, watch this video and see all these really exciting church history displays. I was so excited to be there, because I study about the pioneers and church history almost everyday here on the mission and now I got to go where it all went down and see it for reals. After that we went over to the Mormon Pioneer Cemetary and it was quite a sight to see. Then we went over to the winter quarters church bookstore, the only church bookstore that I've seen or ever will see on my mission so it was exciting haha. The whole experience was just amazing, I'm so grateful that I could have the opportunity to go to the temple and see all that church history.
Well, I am loving my mission! This wednesday july 16th is my half bday! Isn't crazy I'm already 19 and a half years old?! haha. Well, my next Pday is next monday so I hope to hear from all you guys. Thank you to all who have emailed and sent letters they are very inspiring.
VE Elder Morain

Monday, July 7, 2008

"Were just 2 guys and were havin a good time"

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
I am having the time of my life! I last emailed you guys Wednesday and that night I stayed up till like 230am! I helped Elder Folkman pack and stuff because the next day was transfer day. We met at the transfer point where our whole zone met. I said goodbye to all my friends getting transferred, it was so emotional(haha). But seriously it was, and then I was on exchanges with my zone leader for the day. We went to HuHot this mongolian grill and it way good! Then we got to pick up the new missionaries. I met my new companion, Elder Butterfield! He is a really cool guy and we get along great already. He is from Ephraim Utah, and he's been out on his mission 16 months as of today!
The next day was 4th of July! My mission president gave us permission to stay out till 1030pm! So we had a BBQ with all the new missionaries and they are all way tite. Then we hit up the 4th of July Parade in downtown sioux city! It was Mardi Gras themed haha so they threw beads out and stuff. It was a fun time and then we got to see fireworks! We went to the Minor League Baseball team here and watched the fireworks from their stadium! It was a way good 4th of July! Saturday we played some hard core church ball. Yesterday, after church there was a crazy storm! The tornado sirens went off downtown where I was! Then we heard a tornado touched down in riverside which I think is pretty close to where I am. If anyone hears anything on the news let me know cuz I dont know whats going on haha.
Well, I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. I hope to get an email or letter from all you guys soon. My next P-day and chance to email is next monday July 14th so I'll talk to ya then.
VE -Elder moRAIN!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good news from Sioux City Iowa!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
Last night my mission president called me and said I get to stay! My trainer Elder Folkman is being transferred to Iowa City(known as the best zone in our mission) so he is way excited haha. I will miss him, but he's trained me well and I'm excited for my new companion. This morning The Assistants called us first before anyone in the mission!(it was my companions b-day wish haha) So we found out at 6:25am that my new companion is Elder Butterfield! Ironically, I was in the same room as him my first day in the field. He trained Elder Cathcart, who came out with me and I hear he is a really good missionary. He's been out a little over a year so I'll let you know more when I pick him up tomorrow. I found out this morning my good friend Elder Rice is being transferred. Also Elder Lewis, a spanish missionary in my ward, is going home tomorrow so we said goodbye today. I found out we are now getting 2 new spanish missionaries who will be in a 3 some in our ward, should be fun! And, the zone leader's are getting another companion so they will be a 3 some too. This next transfer is going to be crazy so get ready for whats goin down.
Anyways, sorry to talk about transfers so much. I had a very special day yesterday. It started with a lesson with our investigator Carol. It went really well, and we committed her to baptism! She is going to fast and pray for a baptismal date before our next visit. She's also raising her 3 grandkids so this can be an amazing change for the whole family.
The day got even better too! Last night we taught our new investigator Jamie the 3rd lesson. She was so excited to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is becoming friends with everyone in our ward already through a ward swim party we had and she came to church last sunday! At the end of the lesson, we also committed Jamie to baptism, she said she would pray for a baptismal date. We are going to her house tonight to teach her again. I am in awe at the progress of our investigators, I'm so grateful I can see the fruits of the past 3 months elder folkman and I have been laboring here. To see our investigators make this step in changing their lives makes being out here on a mission truly worth every sacrifice I've made to be here.
I'd like to thank all of you who have been praying for me, because I am really feeling the answers to your prayers in my life as a missionary out here. Thank you also for the letters and emails and support you guys give me. I need to count my many blessings that I've recieved to get me to this point in my life.
My next P-day and chance to check email is Monday July 7th so I hope to hear from all of you!
Keep it real
-Elder Morain