Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to August America!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

How has everybody been? I've been just fantastic. I got to go to Cedar Rapids on Tuesday for Zone Conference! It was a really great time. I had my interview with my mission president. He said since Elder Gillespie is going home, he gurantees me that I will stay next transfer here in Waterloo! I'm grateful cuz I absolutley love it here! There are so many awesome people here. Oh, on my way back from zone conference, in Cedar Rapids I saw someone I would not expect. I saw my recent convert Hayden Mayfield from Iowa City just walkin down the street! He disapeared as we made a turn so I didn't get to stop and talk to him. But what are the chances of that? I thought that was pretty crazy.

So this weekend we got to have 2 priests with us as part of the Called To Serve program. They got to experience what missionary life is like to prepare them for their own missions. It was amazing to see the excitement they had for going on a mission. We had a blast together. I hope elder gillespie and I gave them a good taste of what a mission is all about.
On Saturday night Elder Gillespie asked me to give him a blessing. It was only my 3rd time sealing the annointing. It was a really spiritual experience as I felt the words from Our Heavenly Father go through me as I pronounced the blessing. The priesthood power is so real. I can say without a doubt that I know this church is true. I am so thankful for my mission that has provided me with these special experiences that will always stay close to my heart.
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain

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