Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good news from Sioux City Iowa!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
Last night my mission president called me and said I get to stay! My trainer Elder Folkman is being transferred to Iowa City(known as the best zone in our mission) so he is way excited haha. I will miss him, but he's trained me well and I'm excited for my new companion. This morning The Assistants called us first before anyone in the mission!(it was my companions b-day wish haha) So we found out at 6:25am that my new companion is Elder Butterfield! Ironically, I was in the same room as him my first day in the field. He trained Elder Cathcart, who came out with me and I hear he is a really good missionary. He's been out a little over a year so I'll let you know more when I pick him up tomorrow. I found out this morning my good friend Elder Rice is being transferred. Also Elder Lewis, a spanish missionary in my ward, is going home tomorrow so we said goodbye today. I found out we are now getting 2 new spanish missionaries who will be in a 3 some in our ward, should be fun! And, the zone leader's are getting another companion so they will be a 3 some too. This next transfer is going to be crazy so get ready for whats goin down.
Anyways, sorry to talk about transfers so much. I had a very special day yesterday. It started with a lesson with our investigator Carol. It went really well, and we committed her to baptism! She is going to fast and pray for a baptismal date before our next visit. She's also raising her 3 grandkids so this can be an amazing change for the whole family.
The day got even better too! Last night we taught our new investigator Jamie the 3rd lesson. She was so excited to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is becoming friends with everyone in our ward already through a ward swim party we had and she came to church last sunday! At the end of the lesson, we also committed Jamie to baptism, she said she would pray for a baptismal date. We are going to her house tonight to teach her again. I am in awe at the progress of our investigators, I'm so grateful I can see the fruits of the past 3 months elder folkman and I have been laboring here. To see our investigators make this step in changing their lives makes being out here on a mission truly worth every sacrifice I've made to be here.
I'd like to thank all of you who have been praying for me, because I am really feeling the answers to your prayers in my life as a missionary out here. Thank you also for the letters and emails and support you guys give me. I need to count my many blessings that I've recieved to get me to this point in my life.
My next P-day and chance to check email is Monday July 7th so I hope to hear from all of you!
Keep it real
-Elder Morain