Monday, June 23, 2008

what up friends from my past

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
I am happy to be a missionary! I had a very special experience this past weekend. I got the opportunity to attend the baptism of Sherry. She is the daughter of my investigator carol. It really hit me during the baptism how thankful I was to be on a mission. I'm so glad my companion and I followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost so we could walk down the street where Sherry's son was and be able to talk to him. From that opportunity to talk to her son enabled us to start teaching Carol his grandma. After we started teaching carol, she gave us her daughter, sherry's address. My companion and I went to her apartment and set up an opportunity for my Zone leaders to teach her because she was in their area. Now I got to see the fruit of my labours as I witnessed the baptism of sherry. Carol and all 3 grand kids also attended the baptism and they had a great experience. Then yesterday I got to go to Sioux City 1st ward to see Sherry get confirmed and recieve the Holy Ghost. Carol and the kids also came to all 3 meetings of church for the 1st time! I am so happy to be a part of helping this family.
Well, last Pday after I emailed you, I got to go play some ultimate frisbee with all the guys in my district and it was hecka fun! On wednesday the traveling assistants to the president came on exchanges with my comp and i. I learned a lot from them as we tracted like crazy!
This last thursday was my 3 month click day,(which means I reported to the mtc 3 months ago) So we all went to lunch after district meeting and I chose Olive Garden. It was delish and a good time haha.
O ya on sunday I taught elders quorumn, and it was easy cuz they all just made comments to keep the discussion going. Then we went to baptism for 8 year old kid in our ward. I got to be a part of the confirmation and it was my first time doing that. O ya and on saturday we gave a blesssing to a baby in the hospital who was less than a day old and was breathing to fast. When it was born it came out dark blue! I hope he's going to be ok. It felt amazing to bless this baby who just the day before was in the pre existence with Heavenly Father and everyone up there.
Well, that was some brief highlights of my week. My next Pday isn't till next wednesday July 2nd, because transfers is on july 3rd and people need time to pack if they leave. I am most likely staying in sioux city and my trainer elder folkman is most likely getting transferred. I guess you should probably start sending mail only to the mission home address instead of directly to my apartment in case I'm transferred but don't worry its probably not happening. I hope to get emails back from all of you and get some letters too! Thank you to all who have emailed and wrote me letters, I really appreciate them and it helps me so much!
I love all of you,
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain