Monday, July 28, 2008

Carol's Baptism

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
I've had the BEST weekend I have had so far on my mission! On Saturday July 26th I had the opportunity to baptize my investigator Carol. Words can't describe fully how I feel about being able to baptize her. It was a very spiritual experience. The baptism started off with her daughter Sherry giving a talk on the Holy Ghost(and she was only baptized like a month ago) After her talk I got to baptize her. After the baptism our ward was having a Pioneer Day celebration so we got to be there for that and it was a fun time! Carol is already becoming great friends with our ward and the party was perfect timing for grafting her into the ward.
Yesterday we got to participate in Carol's confirmation and that was amazing. My companion confirmed her and it went really well. After church I was asked to give a blessing of comfort and counsel to a little boy in our ward. I had never actually gave the blessing part, only the annointing, in my life! But I said a prayer before I gave the blessing that I would be prompted by the Holy Ghost on what to say. As I layed my hands on his head, I opened my mouth and the words started to just come out. It was a miracle for me, I've never experienced anything like that before. That experience strengthened my testimony so much that the Holy Ghost can prompt me on what God would have me say to this child of God.
The rest of the week doesn't compare to what I experienced in the last 2 days so thats all I have to say about last week. I hope I can hear from all of you soon! My next P-day is monday august 4th so I'll email ya then and hopefully send some pictures soon. Until then, Keep it real!
VE -Elder Morain


Memmotts said...

I live here in Sioux City and I just wanted to say what a GREAT missionary Elder Morain is. He's so upbeat and his enthusiasm puts a smile on everyones face. He is such a good kid and one of the hardest working missionaries we have had in this area. We enjoy having him in our ward and especially in our home. He is doing awesome work here and you should be very proud of him.

Memmotts said...


I told him I was going to let his mom know that he's not eating his vegetables. He never has vegetables when he eats here so I always tease him about it. You will have to also.