Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy B-Day George Washington!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

Hows it goin? What a week I have had! I finally found out whats goin down on July 1st when we get our new Mission President. Since the Illinois, Peoria Mission is being dissolved the Iowa Des Moines Mission will be taking the Peoria Illinois Stake, the Davenport Iowa Stake, and the Nauvoo Illinois Stake! The sad news for me is though, the Nebraska Omaha Mission will be taking the Sioux City Iowa Stake! I spent 6 months in Sioux City and now they are giving to Omaha. So if you were a missionary serving in that stake on July 1st you would be transferred to the Nebraska Omaha Mission! Same with missionaries serving in the Peoria mission in stakes coming to our mission. But as you know, I will be going home March 26th 2010 so it doesn't effect me directly!
Today I got an email from my mission President informing me that Precious Rose, an investigator I taught in Sioux City 1st ward has a baptismal date! I am really excited for her! She is a way sweet African American lady that claimed she knew Bob Marley! I wonder if she really did know him...haha.
On Wednesday I had a special opportunity! My companion is the District Leader so we got to go up to Waterloo for a meeting! It was my first time getting to go back there! I got to see Sharon Evans, this lady who was like my grandma and got to know so well. I also got to see Mike Lujan who is a recent convert and one of my best friends from Waterloo! It was so good to go back to Waterloo and see people I love.
Here in Cedar Rapids we began teaching a new investigator. She is a friend of a recent convert here. They went up to Minneapolis/ St. Paul Minnasota this weekend so I told them to check out the St. Paul temple and they did! Our other investigators, Morgan Maher and her fiance Paul are doin good! We taught the stop smoking workshop to Paul and when he starts the program it gurantees him to be smoke free in 1 week! I hope he will be able to do it. I am just loving it here in Cedar Rapids, I have met some of the most amazing people here and I love them so much.
Keep it Real
VE Elder Morain

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