Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy early Thanksgiving America!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

You are never going to believe the news I have for you today. The tender mercies of the Lord have opened up an opportunity of a lifetime. I am back in SIOUX CITY!!!!!!!!! I am serving in the Sioux City 1st Ward!!!! I started my mission in the Sioux City 2nd Ward. I am in a 3-some with the Zone Leaders here in Sioux City! My companions are Elder Jones and Elder Blanchard! I served around Elder Blanchard before in my first transfer in Iowa City. I love the kid he is a stud. Elder Jones is awesome I love him already. We all get a long really well. I seriously could not think of a better situation that I could be in right now. The best companions I could ask for and getting to come back to my first area Sioux City! It is like a dream come true. Yesterday while I was at church I ran into my recent convert that I baptized here in Sioux City, Carol Betts! We got to talk for a bit and I am absoltley amazed at the progress she is making. She is working towards receiving her Endowments. Words can't describe the happiness that brings to me. Seeing Carol active in the church makes every sacrifice I've made on my mission worth it. I am so grateful for her and the example she has set for me. I am so happy to be back here in Sioux City, I haven't been able to stop smiling since I got here haha. I hope all of you have a fun Thanksgiving this week!
Keep it Real
VE Elder Morain

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