Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm grateful to be alive!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,
I am so happy right now! This past week has been amazing. After I emailing you guys last monday I went to Olive Garden with my district. Then we got to go bowling! We bowled 3 games and it was a blast. That night I got to teach Maritsa the 3rd lesson which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tuesday I mowed the member who buys us groceries lawn. It was really hard, and a lot of you know how much I don't like mowing lawns but, I felt good doing what I can to pay her back for her great generosity. Then we got to use this program called "watchcare" Our stake presidency was inspired to put into action this program, about 6 months ago. Its kind of like home teaching, its when a member makes contact with another member and just see how they are doing. The cool thing about this is when Elder Dallin H. Oaks came to our stake conference. He told us we should start a program called watchcare. Little did he know that the stake presidency was inspired 6 months ago to start the program. Elder Oaks was very impressed and it just shows our leaders are really called by God.
Wednesday we got to teach Carol our investigator lesson 3! This turned out to be the best lesson we've ever taught and even my companion's best lesson of his mission(he's been out 9 months!) I really felt the spirit help me know what to say to her and her 3 kids who came to hear our lesson. At the end my companion did this way cool experiment of how he made an egg get sucked into a little bottle because we lit this paper towel on fire and used rubbing achohol. It was hecka sick! haha Then I went on exchanges with the spanish missionary in my ward who goes home july 4th! We had a great time.
That night I had a scary experience. I was driving home from the church and it was raining really hard. When I got on the highway it was raining harder than I had ever seen it before in my life. I could barely see anything in front of me. I had to slow down to like 40 mph and I thought I was going to crash in the cars next to me or run off the road. I said a prayer in my heart that I would be able to navigate the car safely. When I got off the highway the rain started to slow down a little bit so I could see. I'm so glad I'm still alive! Thank you so much for all of you that pray for my safety because I really feel that prayers were answered.
Saturday we got to go to a BBQ at a less active familys house. It went really well, and yesterday they all came to church! They haven't been to church for at least over 6 months for all I know but by going to there BBQ yesterday they decided to go to church and I was so happy to see them there! We had a really good sacrament meeting and our investigator maritsa came! Oh I forgot to tell you, we found Carol our other investigator through tracting. Carol gave us the address of her daughter Sherry. We went there and met her and told her she was in the zone leaders area. The zone leaders taught her and she has agreed to be baptized! She is getting baptized June 21st! It is an amazing feeling to know that we wern't tracting Carol's street by accident but we were guided by the spirit to find her.
Well, I am off to clean my car for inspections. Tonight I have my interview with my mission president. Tomorrow is Zone Conference! All 40 plus missionaries are getting together tomorrow and its going to be tite! I'll send some pics of it next monday probably, June 16th, my next pday. Well, I hope to get some emails and letters from all of you soon! I was so happy to hear from you guys and it really encourages me when times get hard out here.
VE Elder Morain