Monday, March 15, 2010

The Best 2 years of my life

Dear Elder Morain Fan club,

Hello to all, I have had quite the last week! In my last email, I
mentioned The Plan of Salvation. But little did I know how I would
appreciate The Plan of Salvation this week. On Wednesday, I got a
phone call from a recent convert in my ward whos Grandmother passed
away and so we met with her and tried our best to comfor her. On
friday we attended her grandmothers viewing and it was quite the
experience. If that was not enough, on Thursday another death came
into the play. My companion Elder Bringham and I were at a dinner
appointment and we were talking with the member and she showed us an
article about the missionaries in Chile. In that article, it mentioned
the friend of my companion, who was killed in a carbon monoxide leak
in his apartment in Romania while he was serving his mission. Some of
you may have heard of this incident, since it made church news. But my
companion, being on a mission had been isolated from the news and had
no idea his friend had died. He was good friends with him while he was
at BYU Provo. It hit him really hard. At this time, I thought about
the Atonement and the Ressurection. I came to appreciate them more,
since these deaths were affecting people I love. it isn't just
something I teach about to my investigators, but something I needed to
apply to my life right then.
My investigator Morgan Maher is being baptized this Saturday! She has
asked me to baptize her. I can't think of a better way of finishing
out my mission than this. Please pray for Morgan that she will be able
to go through with the Baptism and will be able to face all the trials
the adversary will throw out at her.
I will email all of you for the last time on my mission, next
Wednesday March 24th. I will fly home to San Jose California on Friday
March 26th. For those of you in the San Jose area, I would love to see
you at my homecoming talk, which will be on Sunday March 28th, at 10
am at the Bernal Building. I want to thank all of you for the support
you have given me. Especially for the prayers, for I have truly seen
miracles in my life these past 2 years because of the prayers you
offered in my behalf.
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain

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