Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm stayin in Iowa City for 6 more weeks!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

I am so happy today. This morning a miracle happened. The reason why is since I white washed(all missionaries come in at the same time) into Iowa City in a 3-some, the chances of me staying next transfer were slim. But Elder Monsen was ET'ed last week and this morning I got a call from the APs telling me that I will be staying in Iowa City next transfer! Elder Merkley my companion is getting transferred though so I am the lucky one of the 3 some who gets to stay in Iowa City! I love this area so much, and I have grown to love people and I am excited to continue to work with them these next 6 weeks.
Well, since I last emailed you a week and a half ago lots has happened. On Tuesday Elder Merkley went to Nauvoo since hes going home next transfer. Elder Monsen got ET'ed on tuesday so I spent the day with Elder Rice! Elder Rice goes home this friday! I am going to miss him, he was in Sioux City when I was being trained and now hes goin home. Crazy how time flies eh? Saturday we had our ward talent show! I got to be in it, I sang with the ward choir to this south african hymn haha it was fun.
Sunday I hit my 13 month mark in the mission! I had a great time at church and getting to see the members for the 1st time in 3 weeks since we had General Conference and Stake Conference in a row.
Monday night we were tracting right by our apartment. The last door we knocked on this woman came out and started talkin to us. Then her daughter, who was in crutches struggled to come out to talk to us as well. The daughter had been in a serious car accident. The car rolled over many time and her foot was "de-gloved" meaning all the skin ripped off her foot. The doctors told her she would loose her foot entirely but she went through many surgeries to put the skin back on and they put her toes back on. She doesn't know if she gets to keep all the toes yet. The amazing thing about this to me is, both of them were optimistic about it. Shes grateful that she wasn't hurt any more than she did. Also they wanted us to come back and they were interested in hearing about our church. I'm excited to go back and teach them, their optimism in spite of a painful accident is inspiring to me.
I am so grateful to be a missionary and to meet so many amazing people. I look forward to this new transfer and serving in Iowa City. I find out who my new companion is tomorrow when I meet him. I'll let ya know how he is and everything next monday when I email ya.
Until then,
Keep it Real
VE Elder Morain

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