Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Emergency Room!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

I love being on a mission! I am so happy. I've had an amazing week. On wednesday I had the opportunity to have an interview with my mission president. He is such an incredible man. We talked about what might happen for next transfer and he told me that I am staying in Ames! I'm so happy that I get to stay here. But I asked if my companion Elder Sage will be staying with me and he said no he's getting transferred. I'm sad about that, Elder Sage and I get along really well and I am going to miss him.
Well, after the interview we all went to Applebee's as a district! That was delicious. That night 6 missionaries came from out of town to stay the night for ZONE CONFERENCE which was the next day. So we had a fun time with all those elders and I even got to see Elder Waters, we served in the same ward last transfer! So the next day we went to Zone Conference with the Ames zone and the Fort Dodge Zone. It was very inspiring to hear from my mission president and his wife, and the AP's. I got to meet a lot of new missionaries and see some familiar faces so that was a blast! On friday we had dinner with a deaf family in our ward. We had a member come with us so he can sign to them so we can communicate. It was a great experience and I learned some sign language. It really made me count my many blessings of being able to hear.
Saturday we got to attend a baptism for a convert in Ames 2nd ward. My mission president spoke at it and I felt the spirit so strong at the baptism. Right after that baptism we hopped over to a little girl's baptism in our ward. That was also very spiritual so we were feeling good after that. Watching others enter into the covenant of baptism reminds me of my baptism and to keep my baptismal covenants.

Well later that night we went over to Ames 2nd ward apartment and found Elder Nelson on the phone with the doctor. The doctor told him he needed to go to the Emergency room right away. So we drove him over there and got him into the ER as fast as we could. Then we waited in the lobby as they performed some tests on him. A couple hours later we find out he had an infection and needed some antibiotics, so it was a lot better than we thought so thats good. But it was a crazy night thats fo sho!
Last night I got to go to the CES Fireside Broadcast and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke. I was very inspired by his words and it was a great experience to hear from a prophet, seer, and revelator. I hope all of you have a great week!
VE Elder Morain