Monday, January 11, 2010

My 21st Birthday has arrived America!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

Hows everybody been? I have been livin the dream here in Cedar Rapids! I am approaching a milestone in my life this Saturday January 16th, my 21st BIRTHDAY! What better place to be on my 21st Birthday than in Cedar Rapids serving the sweet people here. I can't believe I'll be 21 years old already because being 20 went by like nobodys business.
Well, yesterday I found out some crazy news. The member family that I am living with told us that we need to be moved out by the end of January! It was pretty unexpected, but there son is moving back in with them so he needs the room were staying in. So we don't know where we will be living but we have a few options. There is a senior missionary couple here in Cedar Rapids who are serving from their home. They have like 4 houses here in Cedar Rapids and some were damaged by the Flood of 2008. The missionaries here have been helping them fix up one of their houses and the senior couple will allow 4 missionaries to live in it when its finished. I went over there on tuesday and helped out on the house and it is really close to being done. So one of the options is we might get to live there, but its up to our mission president. The other options are we find an apartment to live in, or another member who is able to have us live in their home. So I'll let ya know more when I find out.
Wednesday was a day I thought would never come for me. I got a phone call who some missionaries call their, "Trunky Call" It is when the mission secretary calls and asks if you will be flying home or being picked up by your parents. So I told her I will be flying into the San Jose International Airport. I have served with many missionaries at the time they recieved their "Trunky Call" and I always told myself that day is far off in my future. Man how time flies on the mission.
Well, I hope all of you have a specatular week and I would love to hear from ya sometime. I'll let ya know how my Birthday goes next time. Thanks for everything you do for me out here in my mission.
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain

[From Jeff's Dad: Jeff is looking for a (male) roommate to join him at BYU-Idaho for Spring semester 2010. Reply to if you are interested.]

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