Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Presidents Day America!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

How has everybody been? "I'm lovin it" as McDonalds would always say. I had a fantastic week! I had many special expriences that I would like to share with you. On Wednesday night we had an appointmet with a girl we tracted into. We walked in her door and saw she had brought 3 other friends to hear our message! We taught them The Restoration of the Gospel (lesson 1) and it was amazing. They were really interested in what we had to say. We brought out a copy of The Book of Mormon and they reached out for us to give them a copy. They read over the pamphlet for the restoration and it was unlike anything I've experienced with investigators.
Thursday we had our District meeting in Osceola. On our way back to Creston we stopped at Mt. Pisgah. Some of you may remember me talking about visiting this place before last transfer. But this time I went we found some more artifacts that were left there from the early Pioneers when they settled that land. It is an amazing part of Church History, where Brigham Young sent forth the Mormon Battalion. They also have a monument for the 4 missionaries who were killed in a car accident back in 2001. They were driving on the high way from Creston to Osceola which is the Mormon Pioneer Trail! Many of the members in my branch knew the missionaries who were killed. Some of you who served as missionaries recently may recall the movie that is shown to us for driving safety training, the real life example they use in the movie is from the missionaries who were killed here in my area.
After we got back from Mt. Pisgah we went out with a member to visit some people. A guy came up to us and told us to go visit his sister who was in the hospital. She turned out to be a less active member of our branch. We went to visit her in the hospital. She told us that morning she recieved the news that she has cancer. We offered to give her a blessing and she accepted. The spirit was so strong that it brought her and her sister at her side to tears. It was a very spiritual experience.

I hope all of you have a spectacular week, I would love to hear from you and how your life has been goin for ya.
Until next week,
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain

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