Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy early Valentines Day!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

Holler from Creston Iowa! I have had quite the past week!
On Wednesday we drove up to Osceola and stayed the night with the missionaries there. Thursday we woke up and drove to Des Moines for our Zone Conference! I loved it so much and I've gained more of an appreciation for it. Since I live in Creston I don't see any missionaries so this was the 1st time seeing missionaries for like 6 weeks haha. Most of my best friends in the mission happened to be in our zone conference so that was nice. I had my interview with my mission president and he told me that I am most likely getting transferred next transfer! So I've only got like 4 weeks left here in Creston. I loved going up to Des Moines, we got to eat dinner at Fuddruckers, and those that know me well know I love that place haha. So it was a great experience to go up there and see everyone again.
I got sick the morning we woke up for Zone Conference though. It was the 2nd time on my mission getting sick, and the 1st was just a couple weeks ago haha. I am getting better though so thats good. I really appreciate good health now though.
Yesterday was an amazing day. Church was really good. Our Branch Mission Leader invited us over for lunch which was fun. Then he went out with us to Blockton and we visited a member that recently read some anti mormon literature. It was so sad to see how much she had changed, like a completely different person than from before. But our branch mission leader pretty much poured his whole heart and soul out to her and I felt the spirit so strong. I know she felt it too and I have faith that she will come back to the church. Then we had the opportunity to go teach our investigator Joshua. We were able to set a date for his baptism!!!!!! I was so happy to see him make the commitment to open the doors to the celestial kingdom. His dad told him March 7th(the day we set for his baptism) "March 7th will be the most important day of your life thus far" Joshua is 9 years old and just think of how getting baptized will change the rest of his life. I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to be a missionary and to be a part of helping another person gain their salvation. "I love the Lord in whom my soul delights"
Until Next week,
Keep it real
VE Elder Morain

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