Monday, January 12, 2009

Healing Waters By Small and Simple Things

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

How has everybody been? I have had a very special week. I can't believe that next time you hear from me I will be a 20 year old man haha! January 16th is this Friday and I am excited to leave my teenage years behind and become a MAN lol. It will be tough to celebrate out in the middle of no where but I will do my best to party it up missionary style.
Anyways, it sure has been quite a week! On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the zone leaders! Once again I got to go with Elder Gillespie and it was so much fun to be with him again. On thursday we had our district meeting with 6 missionaries this time so that was good. That night we went to a Care facility for older people and played bells with them it was a good experience.
On Saturday I got to witness my investigator Johnny Van Patten enter the waters of baptism! It took a lot to get the baptism all ready. We called the night before the baptism to check if his jump suit fit him and it didn't. There were no sizes that fit him so we brought out baptism pants and hoped they would fit him. He is a 9 year old kid and fit into my companions baptism pants haha. But it all worked and I'm so happy we could help him make this baptismal covenant that will change his life for eternity. It really made all the sacrifices that I go through day to day in the mission worth it. On Sunday we witnessed him being confirmed and recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. It made me realize how precious it is to have that gift with us always and to be lead and directed by it. I'm so grateful that he will now have that to help him throughout his life.
Last night I got the opportunity to watch the CES Fireside with President Thomas S. Monson our beloved Prophet. I loved his talk and I felt the spirit so strong as he told the story of the mission photos that he saved for 40 years, and ended up blessing the life of a member he met on his mission. It made me realize how much my mission will mean to me down the road of life. It inspires me to make these moments the best I can and "Achieve the Great Expectations" that I have as a missionary as President Monson said. I hope some you got to see the Fireside too.
I've learned life is much shorter than we always think it is. As I hear of sicknesses and trials that my friends are going through, it makes me want to be more grateful for them while they are here, because we never know when we will be called back to that Great God who gave us life.
Until next week,
Keep it real
I'll write ya next when I am a 20 year old Man!
VE Elder Morain

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