Monday, August 18, 2008

What up from Iowa State University Ames!

Dear Elder Morain Fan Club,

Holler from Ames Iowa! Right now I am in the Iowa State University library! I am loving it here! Last time you heard from me was wednesday, and that was my last day in sioux city. I had lunch at HuHot which is a Mongolian Grill and way good! Then we went to Trinity Heights which is this catholic church with huge statues outside and I got some cool pics. That night we as a district went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner! It was fun hanging with all of those missionaries for the last time. I've got to know them really well, especially those I served with for 4 and half months and I will miss them alot. After dinner I went to the Widdison's house and said goodbye to them, who is a cool family in my ward. I will miss all the members alot, I felt right at home being with them and it was hard to say goodbye. But then that night I packed until 1230am. Thursday morning we went to the transfer bus and I got to say goodbye to all of the missionaries in my zone there. Then I got on the transfer bus and waved goodbye to the people I have grown to love. I was on the transfer bus from 9am to about 615pm! I got to see the whole state of Iowa as we went through Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and finally got to Ames. It was fun because when I got to Cedar Rapids Elder Phillips and Cathcart were there! They came out with me to Iowa, were were in the same MTC district and it was the first time I've seen anyone from our group since then. Then I got to Ames and my mtc companion elder daniels was there cuz he is serving in my district in the Ames YSA branch! Then I met my new companion Elder Sage and he is way cool! He and i are getting along great and having a lot of fun. Then I met my disctrict leader Elder Zufelt and there are now 6 missionaries in Ames.
On friday we did service at Heartland Senior Services and they asked us to help out in their Variety show that night. We got to watch this show with a huge auditorium full of old people at least 60 years or older haha. You had to be 60 or older to perform on stage so it was quite the show haha. Then saturday i went on exchanges with elder nelson and then went to our cordination meeting. I met the first member of our ward there. Yesterday was awesome. I went to PEC and it was all on missionary work. I got to meet everyone in the ward and they are amazing people. I really loved going to church and meeting them, and I'm excited to serve them here in Ames!
Well, I am happy to be here and I hope to hear from all of you soon. Here is a crazy thought, tomorrow marks my 5 month click day! It has gone by so fast, you know what they say, time flies when your having fun.
VE Elder Morain